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French Program

Welcome to the French Program

We offer:

  • A self-designed major in French
  • A minor in French
  • French language courses at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Courses related to French and Francophone literatures and cultures every semester
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Extracurricular activities related to French and Francophone cultures

Programs of Study

  • FRE 101/102 /103 French for Beginners
  • FRE 211/Intermediate French Composition and Conversation
  • FRE 240/Introduction to French Literature
  • FRE 241/Introduction to African Francophone Literature
  • FRE 255/French for Business
  • FRE-270/Topics in French (The Francophone World, Current Events …)
  • FRE 301/Advanced French Conversation and Composition I
  • FRE 302/Advanced French Conversation and Composition II
  • FRE 305/Maghrebian Literature and Cultures
  • FRE 322/Cultural Aspects of Contemporary France
  • FRE 370/Topics in French (Cinema, Gastronomy, Paris)
  • FRE 371/Topics in French (English)
  • FRE 391/Independent Study in French


For additional information please contact:

Director of the TCNJ French program: Dr. A. Pfenninger,