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Self-Designed Major

The Self-Designed Major in French

The self-designed major gives students an opportunity to gain major credit for a course of studies that cannot be accommodated by existing degree programs. This is particularly appealing for students interested in pursuing studies in a language in which the Department of World Languages and Cultures does not offer a major. Students may pursue a Self Designed Major in French. Consult the page of the specific language for additional information.

View general information regarding the Self Designed Major.

Twelve courses are necessary in order to complete the self-designed major in French.

·         Up to four courses relating to  French/Francophone topics can be taken (in English) in other departments/programs : Art History, History, International Studies, Philosophy, Comparative Literatures…

·         The student has the option to complete all twelve courses in French at TCNJ, and while studying abroad (a minimum of one semester.)

T     The courses taken abroad will transfer to TCNJ, and will count towards the major.  No more than four of the courses may be completed at other institutions.

        Universities in France:

          Université de Paris-IV (Sorbonne)

          Université catholique de Paris

          Université Blaise Pascal – Vichy and Clermont-Ferrand, France

There are other possibilities as well.


Fr The French for Beginners (FRE-101-102-103) courses do not count towards the self-designed major.

·        Intermediate composition and conversation (FRE-211) and Advanced composition and conversation (FRE-301) are mandatory.

·        Students will also take some topic courses at the 200 and 300 levels    – 

      At  least half of the courses must be at the 300-400 level.

      FRE -240 Introduction to French Literature

FRE-241 Introduction to Francophone Literature

FRE-255 French for Business

FRE-270 Intermediate topic course (current events)

FRE-305 Maghrebian LIterature

FRE-322 Cultural Aspects of Contemporary France

FRE-370 Advanced topic course (French and Francophone Cinema, Paris, Gastronomy…)

FRE-391 Independent study

FRE-497 Senior seminar (Capstone)

For further information please contact the Director of the French program Dr. Pfenninger at